Canadians are responsible togel gamblers

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A recently released summary of findings by the National togel Gaming Monitor, claims that Canadians are mostly responsible gamblers. The report summarises that;

Canadians participate because they see gaming as fun and entertainment.

Most who gamble self-regulate their spending and play with a pre-determined limit they adhere to.

Most Canadians see gaming as a fun and an acceptable form of entertainment.

The survey was conducted from a random sample of 1000 adult Canadians, during the period 3rd April to 20th April 2006.

Asked what gambling activities they consider to be acceptable, coming in tops was buying a lottery ticket, closely followed in second place by playing bingo.

When asked why they would participate in a gambling activity, almost 50% claimed because it is ‘fun and enjoyable’.

To the question ‘do you stop playing when your budget is spent?’ a staggering 71% said ‘Always’.

Russia Bans Online Gambling

On Wednesday 7th February, Russian MPs passed a law that will effectively drive casinos and slot machines out of Moscow and other major cities. The new law effectively means that any gambling must be located in several regions far from Moscow.

Slot machines that can usually be found in many locations across Russia, including airports, supermarkets and apartment building lobbies will now also be illegal.

The law which had been proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in October, and was passed overwhelmingly by the lower house, also bans online gambling anywhere in the country.

South Africa set to legalise and regulate online gambling

Interested parties have just four days to respond to the South African Department of Trade and Industry invitation for public comment on its draft National Gambling Amendment Bill. The proposed Bill, which was approved by Cabinet in December 2006 for tabling in Parliament, will effectively legalise Internet gambling by providing for the regulation of interactive gambling and the licensing of interactive gambling activities. Submissions are due on or before Monday, 12 February.

National Gambling Board CEO Thibedi Majake says “Government concerns regarding online and cell phone gambling include the prevention of money laundering, protecting ‘problem’ gamblers from themselves, and keeping children away from an adult activity’.

Majake considers the US approach – to ban online gambling – foolish and likely to drive the activity underground, where none of the listed concerns can be meaningfully addressed. Hence the South African decision to regulate. He said ‘The move will also have the added benefit of fattening the government’s tax coffers, and providing some transparency into an opaque world. No one knows the size of the local market either in numbers or revenue. Amending the current gambling law will make it easier to generate statistics”.


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